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We are a design led fabric manufacturing company with sustainability at the core of everything we do. Increasingly sustainability is playing a part in every decision we take from resource management, the way we make our products, manage our factory and of course our employment practices.

Design is a big part of the story but much of Fermoie’s fabrics beauty is down to the materials from which they are made. Texture and depth bring a beautiful pattern to life so we continually experiment with natural fibres and blends to achieve textural perfection without losing sight of our sustainability goals.

We source the finest quality linens and cottons and continually work with our weavers to develop new possibilities.

Throughout our production process we do not use any harmful materials traditionally associated with printing.



Linen is our single biggest raw material and our linen weavers work with the flax farmers all within a few hundred miles of our factory. Flax is one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. During growth, the flax plant receives no additional irrigation, rainwater is sufficient. In comparison to other crops, far fewer pesticides and fertilisers are used. The fibres are separated from the stem during a natural process called dew retting. Better still there is no waste as all parts of the flax plant are used, for feed, soap, cosmetics, paper, paint and of course fabric which after use is fully biodegradable.



Cotton, our second most important raw material is woven exclusively for Fermoie by the first UK cotton mill to be awarded Soil Association and Global Organic Textile Standard accreditation. Naturally this is the best place to start working on a totally organic supply chain which for the time being remains work in progress.


Our finished product packaging for all fabric orders is bio – based carbon neutral polythene made from sugar cane and is 100% recyclable. Our bubble wrap packaging for lampshades is biodegradable and completely breaks down in 12 to 24 months. Likewise all our cardboard is made from 82% chlorine free recycled board and is 100% biodegradable.

For distribution, we don’t run any vehicles, instead we deliver all finished product as shared loads by independent carriers.

So whilst we are not a carbon neutral company, yet, we have chosen a sustainable path and we hope we have demonstrated that we source, we make, we pack and we distribute with care and sensitivity.