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Marbella Club, Spain

Interior Designer – Marie-Caroline Willms, Photographer – Manolo Yllera

The design intent for the Marbella Club Hotel was principally a homage to the glamorous golden age of Marbella in the 1950s, that captures the allure of bygones. Marie-Caroline brings back to life the genuine spirit of carefree summers, lived with an understated elegant simplicity – a way of life – with unrivalled comfort, all unmistakably Andalusian. As if the atmosphere, Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe had curated, had endured time.

The design for the El Patio restaurant is where heritage combines with California 50s lifestyle and a colour palette inspired by the golden rolling hills of the Andalusian landscape. Marie Caroline focused on reinterpreting local materials, commonly used by Prince Alfonso when building the Hotel, fusing together trellis woodwork, raffia on the walls and relaxed but sophisticated linens. The walls adorned with vintage wicker framed photos tell the story of the resort’s evolution from private hideaway to exclusive hotel in the 1950s. El Patio is purposefully designed to be a hangout, which invites family and friends to leisurely dine.

Rudi´s bar – named after Count Rudolf Schönburg, has always been a secret hideaway for the jet-set. Marie Caroline recreated a show-and-tell-tribute of the Andalusian culture with anecdotes to Granada, flamenco, horses and colonial voyages. She built a theatrical safari tent around the raised stage, creating a multi-functional focal point which invites VIP guests and preforming artists alike. Easy chairs are set around the tiger pouf coffee table, which symbolizes the iconic logo of the Marbella Club.

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