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Early 20th Century Home, Chicago

Interior Designer – Heidi Avedisian for White Ink Co

The solarium and former nursery of this beautiful period home, built in 1910 on Chicago’s North Shore, have both been sensitively reimagined following a fire in 2016. Having spent long months within its walls during the Covid pandemic, the owners wanted the renovated spaces to feel whimsical and organic and bring elements of nature into the home, while remaining in harmony with its traditional European aesthetic.

In the nursery – which the family has referred to as ‘the Green Room’ since childhood, the space has been updated for a new generation with an archived Fermoie design, green Quartz, Richard Clarkson cloud speaker pendant and an oversized upholstered window bunk.

Meanwhile in the solarium the designer reupholstered the loveseat with Fermoie Wave 100% linen fabric, which mimics the flowing shapes of water and layers of colours found in stone and derived from natural pigments and inspired by natural dyeing techniques.



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