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Chutney, the Camper Van

Designer – Fermoie, Photographer – Gem Hall Image

Chutney – a fully restored 1968 air-cooled VW camper van, with an interior decorated in a variety of carefully chosen Fermoie fabrics.

The seats, roll-out bed and door-panel linings are finished in Wicker pure linen fabric in Orange; the roof lining and sun visors are made using 100% cotton Shell Grotto. The curtains are doubled-sided, with Shell Grotto on the inside and the new Orchard Stripe (launching Autumn 2023), which is also used for the awning, facing outwards.

The camper van is painted in a classic two-tone finish: the main body is a Mango Green, with the upper portion in white. The name ‘Chutney’ is engraved on the metal boss in the centre of the original three-spoke wooden steering-wheel, together with the legend ‘Vintage 1968’.

“We wanted to create a showcase for Fermoie that was a bit different, capturing the fun and enjoyment we get from our work, and our customers get from our products. We came across ‘Chutney’ and instantly knew she was exactly right for us. We’re delighted with the response and enjoyment she brings to every generation. When out and about the only thing stopping my grin is my ears!” Jamie Shawcross, Director.