Luxury upholstery, drapery, furnishing fabric | Fermoie

Luxury printed and plain fabrics

Welcome to our range of luxury printed fabrics available in a plethora of colours and patterns. Every fabric we sell is printed by us in our factory in England

Our 100% linen and cotton fabrics are all perfect for upholstery, furnishings, wall coverings and drapery. Please see our gallery for some examples.

Using traditional methods your fabric will be printed to order and despatched within 5 working days

We suggest you always request free samples of your chosen fabrics before ordering


Cotton - Fermoie Plain
Cotton - Fermoie Plain | L-017
Plain Linen - Satchel
Plain Linen - Satchel | N-003
Plain Linen - Carpet Slipper
Plain Linen - Carpet Slipper | N-001
Quantock - Linen
Quantock - Linen | QUAN-001
Plain Linen - Porphery
Plain Linen - Porphery | N-002
Cotton - Fermoie Plain
Cotton - Fermoie Plain | L-006
Figured Linen
Figured Linen | N-064
MANT-001, Mantua, Red Colour Family.  Curtains, Upholstery, Fabric Walling
Mantua - Union | MANT-001