Fermoie - Fabric


Every fabric we sell is printed by us in our factory in England.

Using traditional methods your fabric will be printed to order and despatched within 5 working days.

We suggest you always request free samples of your chosen fabrics before ordering.


Cotton - Fermoie Plain
Cotton - Fermoie Plain | L-017
Plain Linen - Satchel
Plain Linen - Satchel | N-003
Plain Linen - Carpet Slipper
Plain Linen - Carpet Slipper | N-001
Quantock - Linen
Quantock - Linen | QUAN-001
Plain Linen - Porphery
Plain Linen - Porphery | N-002
Cotton - Fermoie Plain
Cotton - Fermoie Plain | L-006
Figured Linen
Figured Linen | N-064
MANT-001, Mantua, Red Colour Family.  Curtains, Upholstery, Fabric Walling
Mantua - Union | MANT-001