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York Stripe Outdoor

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100% Recycled Polyester

York Stripe is hand drawn, painted and ever versatile from a 19th century narrow weave.


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From mixing natural colours and inspired studio drawing to traditional printing, we create beautiful fabrics in our own factory.
Our Indoor-Outdoor fabrics are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and are entirely free from PFCs, PFAS and other harmful ‘forever chemicals’. Water repellent, and resistant to mould and mildew for easy care and long life, they’re also UV-stable so the colour stays true and vibrant.
The coating applied to this fabric may lead to shrinkage of up to 5% which should be taken into account when considering repeats.
With a Martindale rub test of 40,000 our Indoor-Outdoor fabrics are suitable for exterior and interior use, cushions, upholstery and curtains.
Fabric orders are shipped within 14 working days, we will email you with your tracking reference.

  • Composition: Polyester, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Printed width cm (ins): 134 (52 3/4)
  • Pattern Repeat Horizontal cm (ins): 7.5 (2 15/16)


Our Indoor-Outdoor fabrics are water-resistant, but not fully waterproof. To ensure long life, store inside when not in use, or during prolonged periods of wet, cold, or damp weather.
Fermoie Indoor-Outdoor fabrics are suitable for both machine-washing and dry-cleaning.
Washing: We recommend using a gentle liquid detergent. Run a full load and wash on a short, cool (30C/86F) cycle. Hang to dry.
Dry-clean: We recommend using a professional dry cleaner.
As with our interior fabrics, avoid stains, particularly from oily substances. There is currently no means of making fabrics fully stain-proof without using PFOAS/PFCs and other ‘forever chemicals’, which are incompatible with our founding sustainability principles. We recommended taking the same care with our Indoor-Outdoor fabrics as with our interior fabrics.


For Exterior and Interior use, Cushions, Upholstery and Curtains.

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